Telstra Air Educational Series

  • Client: Telstra
  • Agency: The Monkeys
  • Director: Stu McFadyen
  • Producer: Brendan Lasker
  • Account Manager: Ash Quinn
  • Editor & Motion graphics: John


Following the Telstra Air campaign launch, Chief was briefed to create a series of educational explainers to show how customers could access & benefit using the Telstra Air WiFi network.


This was simple, use traditional long exposure light painting techniques to provide visuals for an instructional script. Sounded simple enough, however as we began drawing up story boards for the three videos at approximately one and a half minutes each, we estimated the camera shutter would have to be open for about twenty two and a half hours!!! A tough challenge for our hero talent to hold a pose for that long.


It was pretty clear that we would have to come up with an alternative to real light painting, so we began playing with different techniques in post. Harder than we anticipated given the complexity of the brief.


Leading up to the two shoot nights, we experienced dry, balmy spring weather. Come shoot night, and it was as if we had flown to Antarctica during a blizzard. It would have been unlikely the mercury lifted above 10 degrees and the second night tried even harder with the grips running out of shot bags to stop the set blowing away! Somehow the camera didn’t show the goose bumps.


The end solution was shot on the Sony F5 with Cine-Primes at 25 frames per second. Lighting spill was achieved with a large Cream Source soft light from above, with some creative use of pink-gelled panel lights and LED torches. In post, the story was cut to the script then sent to graphics for the paint. Different techniques of particle emitters, stroke and light flares were combined to give the light effect. Each shot was then timed to 10 frames per second to give a stop-frame appearance. The device screens were motion tracked and added, then the plates were graded and all combined back to 25 frames per second for delivery!

Needless to say, a big effort from everyone involved for a great outcome!

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